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Bundilla Poll is a leading ram source and seedstock business focused on maximising ewe efficiency for the Australian sheep industry. Ewe efficiency is a dam’s ability to maximise kilograms per hectare of lamb and fleece value per hectare of wool. Bundilla is unique within the Australian sheep industry having maternal genetics with full pedigrees on dams dating back 40 years. In 2015 at Bundilla we will be collecting the dam’s performance of 2000 full pedigreed stud ewes. Bundilla Stud dams are run and assessed under commercial conditions,so as to give us the best ability to identify genetics we wish to multiply and spread throughout the 4000 Bundilla commercial ewe breeding program.

The Baldwin Family has been a key driverWelcome to Bundilla Poll Merino Stud of getting ewe efficiency recognised and accepted within the Australian sheep industry and in the future we believe the genetics we have developed at Bundilla will be the backbone of the Australian sheep industry.

For 40 years we have had a performance base approach for our genetic selection. Our breeding objectives have never been traditional, and our methods are unique, all aimed at maximising genetic progress of our program. The Bundilla bloodline is now recognised as one of the leading maternal genetics within the Australian sheep industry, selling sires and semen to all states across Australia.

2017 Events

Bundilla Ram Sale

2017 Bundilla Ram Sale

Wednesday 27th September 2017

2016 Ram Sale Catalogue


Bundilla Poll Merino Open Day

Open Day

Friday 15th September 2017



Australian Sheep & Wool Show at Bendigo

15th – 17th July 2016


Southwest Slopes Stud Merino Field at St Clements Galong

Thursday 1st September 2016

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